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Industrial Oil


    Universal Engineering tools was incepted in the year 2008, with the prior motive to provide standardized quality of engine lubricant oil to various industries. The CEO of our company is Mr. Mohsin Khalifa who has made spirited efforts, which has enabled our company to reach laudable heights. Moreover, our success has truly empowered us in terms of vision, ideas for the future, confidence to execute.

    Quality Assurance:

    Our products using the utmost quality of materials, thereby producing the final product as per the international norms of standards. The lubricants supplied by us are sent for quality checks at different stages so as to ensure flawless production of our motor oil additive. Also, we are marketing our high end products under Universal brand name.

    Wide Network:

    With the energetic efforts of our team of our sales team, we are ranked as reliable by our users, which has further generated us a huge customer base.

    Soluble Cutting Oils

    We present superior quality soluble cutting oils which are broadly used in many industries for various industrial applications like Metal cutting, turning, milling, boring and grinding. These soluble cutting oils are available different grades, as per the requirements of our customers. We assure our customers of the easy availability and are considered as one of the cutting fluid suppliers of India.

    Straight Cutting Oil

    We present environmental friendly cutting oil which is available in chief characteristic qualities of low viscosity and good heat removal agents as it is purely nature-friendly. The straight cutting oil is widely used in industries for various applications such as speed sawing, drilling and deep cavity machining. We are the conceived as one of the famed straight cutting fluids suppliers as we ensure complete satisfaction to our customers.

    Gear Oil Lubricants

    We are providing very high quality Gear Oil Lubricants that are manufactured by using very high quality raw materials. Our Gear Oil are manufactured by using very advanced production processes. It is our strong belief that by maintaining the quality of our Gear Oil Lubricants, we will definitely become a leading gear oil manufacturer. We offer very nominal prices for our invaluable gear oil lubricants.

    GEAR 90/320/460:

    Provides excellent thermal and oxidation stability. It helps in the smooth functioning of gear changing / shifting and long drain period intervals. Anti-foaming characteristics and protection against wear due to EP additives. Long service life even after high temperature operation.

    Hydraulic Lubricant Oil

    Our Hydraulic Lubricant Oil is increasingly becoming popular all over the country. We are continuously striving hard to become one of the most trusted Industrial Hydraulic Oil Supplier. It has been our endeavor to commit ourselves for uninterrupted up gradation of our Hydraulic Lubricants Oil.

    Universal Hydrol-32,68,320:

    Best quality hydraulic Oils having high flash points.

    It can be used in a wide variety of equipment including hydraulic systems on farm implements, fleet and construction applications, mining equipment, hydraulic presses, machine tools, oil lubricated electric motors and generators, palletizes, gear sets requiring an premium quality hydraulic oil.

    HYDROL 32,68,320,:

    'HYDROL' is a yellow clear fluid has high viscosity index, so it maintains appropriate viscosity range at various temperatures. Ma, entailing a consistent viscosity at different ten; 1peratures isvita1 for proper lubrication and equipment protection. The ability of lubricating oil to flow readily at cold temperatures and still provide protection at waned temperatures is know as its viscosity index. The higher the viscosity index, the more likely oil will remain within appropriate viscosity range at various temperatures.

    General Applications :

    'HYDRO can be used in wide variety of equipment including hydraulic systems on farm implements, fleet and construction applications, mining equipment, hydraulic presses, machine tools, oil lubricated electric motors and generators, palletizers, gear sets requiring and premium quality hydraulic oil.

    Machine oil 40

    We are the well-known engine oil Suppliers as we aim to deliver high quality oils to our customers all over the country. These are greatly used industries for their various industrial purposes. Also, we have received good feedback from our esteemed customers, which have further enabled us increasing our customer base. Furthermore, we are named as suppliers in India and provide easy accessibility to our quality and at affordable prices.

    PRIME 40-D :

    - It maintains outstanding engine cleanliness. Provide internal wear resistance and long life of engine. High oxidation and thermal stability. Excellent ability to control viscosity due to soot related oil thickening. Long drain period and suitable for all seasons.

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